Handwoven reconstruction of a linen canvas from the XVI th century

A weaver Helena Loermans and a painter, art historian Marta Pokojowczyk, working together as Loermans & Pokojowczyk, have recreated the XVI th century linen canvas on which El Greco painted 'The Burial of the Count of Orgaz'.

‘Handwoven Canvas by Loermans & Pokojowczyk’ is a project set up by these two people, who are passionate about the use of linen and hemp yarns in the production of canvases. It has developed since 2014 when Marta attended Helena’s Handwoven Textiles Atelier in Portugal under the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Programme.
The weaving of these unique, composed textured, canvases is produced by Helena and Marta on hand looms using European natural coloured hemp and linen yarn. The outcome is a material upon which paint can be applied.
This recreation of linen and hemp canvases, by the artists follows in the footsteps of the old masters and weavers, connecting craft, art, history and science.

...reflections on mantelillo veneziano...

linen and reflective yarn...

On focus in Wroclaw, 'mantelillo veneziano' canvas, work in progress 2017...

An article (in English) about Hempweavers in the magazine 'Mais Alentejo'and an official presentation to the local Government of Odemira.

Angela Nobre 'Pintura namora tecelagem', Revista Mais Alentejo, Ago/Set 2016, p. 90-92

An offcial presentation in Igreja de Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Odemira

Presentation of the canvas to the President of the local Government of Odemira, José Alberto Guerreiro 

...'where El Greco knocked on the door'....

Marta Pokojowczyk , explanation of the weaving, connecting technology and craft, to the president of the local Government of Odemira Jose Alberto Guerreiro, Councilwomen Deolinda Seno Luís and participants of the Symposium 'Ignorancia and Esquecimento' 

Hempweavers team is very proud to present the reconstruction of the XVI th century canvas on which El Greco painted his masterwork ''El Entierro del Conde de Orgaz'' to the local Government of Odemira, on Friday 17 th of June.  Location: Igreja Misericordia and 'Helena Loermans Handwoven Textiles' Atelier, Odemira.

El Greco 'The Burial of the Count of Orgaz'
Hempweavers received a positive feedback about a recreation of the XVI th century canvas, from the Painting Restoration Department of the Museo Nacional del Prado in Madrid and from the author of the book Técnicas y materiales de la pintura espanhola en los Siglos de Oro, Rocío Bruquetas. 

warp: linen 16/1, 10 threads/1cm; weft: linen, handspun linen, 9-10 threads/1cm
Source of a technical drawing: a thesis by Thais Rhodés Sarrablo 'El Soporte de tela en la Pintura Europea de los siglos XVI, XVII y XVIII', 2012


More detailed informations You may find on our blog and in the booklet:

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Canvas is woven by Marta Pokojowczyk in 'Helena Loermans Handwoven Textiles' Atelier in Odemira, Portugal.

an oak and mahogany wood

Interferences by Marta Pokojowczyk; mixed technique on handwoven 'mantelillo veneziano' linen canvas.

'The Way', 20 x 52 cm

'Constellations', 59 x 52 cm

'Holy Mountain', 126 x 53 cm