Handwoven reconstruction of linen canvases from the XVI th and XVII century

A weaver Helena Loermans and a painter, art historian Marta Pokojowczyk, working together as Loermans & Pokojowczyk, have recreated the XVI th century linen canvas on which El Greco painted 'The Burial of the Count of Orgaz' and the XVII th century linen canvas on which Diego Velazquez painted 'Saint John in the Wilderness'.

‘Handwoven Canvas by Loermans & Pokojowczyk’ is a project set up by these two people, who are passionate about the use of linen and hemp yarns in the production of canvases. It has developed since 2014 when Marta attended Helena’s Handwoven Textiles Atelier in Portugal under the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Programme.

The weaving of these unique, composed textured, canvases is produced by Helena and Marta on hand looms using European natural coloured hemp and linen yarn. The outcome is a material upon which paint can be applied.

This recreation of linen and hemp canvases, by the artists follows in the footsteps of the old masters and weavers, connecting craft, art, history and science.

...happy to share the news that we are welcome in the restoration department of the National Gallery in London to study x ray images from the canvas that Titian used for the Vendramin Family.
Great to attempt to reconstruct also that canvas in the Laboratory for Handwoven Canvas in Odemira.
...feliz por partilhar a noticia que estamos bem vindos no departamento de restauro do National Gallery em Londres para estudar as imagens raio-x da tela que o Ticiano usou para a 'Vendramin Family'.
Fantastico desafio para o Laboratório de Telas Manuais em Odemira.

Vendramin Family

thanks Safilin for sponsoring our project

The Laboratory for Handwoven Canvas received this beautiful linen to weave reconstructions with Northern European linen, probably used as well in XVI and XVII century. Thanks a lot to Safilin for sponsoring this project.
O Laboratório para Telas Manuais recebeu hoje este lindo fio de linho para reconstruir telas com linho do Norte de Europa, muito provavelmente usado também no século XVI e XVII.
Um grande obrigada a Safilin por patrocinaram este projeto.

...reconstruction of the canvas on which Diego Velazquez painted in the XVII century...

linen, density 10 threads in each cm both warp and weft.
notice that on the right hand side you can see plain weave, the most simple weave interlace and almost always used for painters canvasses 

...not only El Greco, also Diego Velázquez has used a patterned canvas to paint on...

...just designed the complete diagram of the canvas on which Diego Velázquez painted 'Saint John the Baptist in the Wilderness' , ca. 1622
...will soon start to weave a linen reconstruction of the canvas...
made with http://www.weaveit.com ; MacOs Weave it Pro, started from a similar draft you can find in the XVI century book on www.handweaving.netand puzzled a bit around....

(diagram found on https://www.jstor.org/stable/4104456?seq=1#page_scan_tab_contents)

Saint John in the Wilderness: Observations on Technique, Style, and Authorship

Frank Zuccari, Zahira Véliz and Inge Fiedler
Art Institute of Chicago Museum Studies

Vol. 31, No. 2, Conservation at the Art Institute of Chicago (2005), pp. 30-45+105-108

...threading the loom with linen....